【Venue】Harbor Lounge, Pacifico Yokohama


Several JHVS Seminars will take place. The content will include case studies describing how companies in other industries are bringing their expertise to healthcare, along with an overview of MEDISO and associated case studies.

Oct.9(Wed.) 15:30 ~ 16:30
Companies × Healthcare
Oct.11(Fri.) 10:30 ~ 12:00

Companies × Healthcare

【Date & Time】 Oct.9(Wed.) 15:30 ~ 16:30


This seminar is a sub-session for the JHVS International Symposium “Challenges in new fields of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical device industry: New business potential as companies from other industries enter the field.” It will feature presentations from leading Japanese companies introducing initiatives that take a more radical approach to the healthcare domain. Like their foreign counterparts, Japanese companies are entering fields that traditionally have been considered outside their area of operations in a trend that’s seeing pharmaceutical companies pursuing opportunities in preventive healthcare, and non-medical companies launching drug discovery and healthcare initiatives. These companies are embracing new challenges by investing in, and partnering with, academic institutions and venture companies even as they look to leverage their own strengths. Such industry changes signify a broadening of the pool of potential investors and collaborators for medical ventures in a way that goes beyond conventional medical frameworks. It is our hope that this seminar will help medical ventures get a feel for these trends so that they can pursue a broad range of partnering activities.


Group Manager, Business Innovation Group,
Corporate Innovation Consulting Department,
Nomura Research Institute

Go Tokushige


Kenta Taguchi

Yuichi Hikichi

Kazumasa Nagayama


【Date & Time】 Oct.11(Fri.) 10:30 ~ 12:00


MEDISO, a comprehensive support program for healthcare ventures that was commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, launched in February 2018. The program pairs entities such as healthcare ventures and academic institutions that are seeking to commercialize pharmaceuticals, medical devices, regenerative medicine products, and other products that fall under the provisions of the Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices with experts (supporters) in relevant fields and facilitates discussions between them. The goal is to provide one-stop source of information in an array of subject areas in order to help participants resolve the challenges they face, for example by offering advice from multifaceted perspectives, follow-up consulting, and help in creating support plans and presentation materials, for example for use in courting venture capital.
On the day of the seminar, we will provide an overview of MEDISO and introduce some of the program’s highly experienced supporters. We hope to turn the event into an opportunity for interactive exchanges with participants, who should feel free to ask questions about the program or seek advice on actual issues they’re facing. All are welcome, whether you’re from a healthcare venture, academic institution, venture capital firm, large corporation, or other entity. Who knows… it may well turn into an impromptu consulting session.


Director, MEDISO ( Mitsubishi Research Insutitute, Inc)

Shintaro Yamaki


Coodinator, MEDISO

Masatoshi Tachibana

Representative Director, Kai Fostering Partners Inc.

Makoto Shigematsu

Director, Olvis Planning Co., Ltd.

Tamaki Nara

CEO, TIR Research Consulting, LLC.

Jun Utsumi

Exective Officer, Beyond Next Ventures Inc.

Mayu Morishima