【Venue】Harbor Lounge, Pacifico Yokohama

Participants will exchange views with the panelists and network amongst themselves.

Oct.10(Thu.) 12:45 ~ 14:45 
L×T Bridge Meetup
Oct.10(Thu.) 15:00 ~ 17:00 
JHVS Health and Wellbeing Meetup

L×T Bridge Meetup


【Date & Time】 Oct.10(Thu.) 12:45~14:45

Efforts to combine life sciences with technology are opening up new horizons. “LxT Bridge, ” a series of events hosted by Link-J that was inspired by JHVS, will return to JHVS as part of an initiative to create eco systems by bringing together interested participants to discuss the opportunities posed by combining life sciences with technology and how to create startups.
A panel discussion will allow entrepreneurs and program organizers to share information about the importance of LxT, associated opportunities and potential, lessons derived from their experiences, and issues with their specific approach to creating businesses.


Managing Director, Honjo International
/ Chairperson of the Council for Fostering Medical Ventures

Shuji Honjo

President and Chief Executive Officer of LINK-J

Akihiko Soyama


Tatsuro Tsushima


Nick Hird

Seigo Hara

Atsuyoshi Matsuda

JHVS Health and Wellbeing Meetup


【Date & Time】 Oct.10(Thu.) 15:00~17:00

The “Women × Healthcare” meetup that was held in 2018 is being expanded into a larger meetup program for 2019.
This year, the meetup’s scope will be broadened to include areas that are peripheral to healthcare, expanding beyond traditional medicine by encouraging active participation on the part of professionals from fields including nursing care, social welfare, and education.
It will also address a broader concept of health, for example by addressing what it means to be happy from a physical, mental, and social standpoint.
It goes without saying that participants from the healthcare ventures that form the core of JHVS, including pioneering healthcare businesses, will continue to be welcomed this year.
The program, which includes components such as Visionary Pitches by meetup facilitator companies as well as Pitches by event participants, will also offer more opportunities for interactive participation than last year’s event.
Although the JHVS Health and Well-being Meetup executive committee consists entirely of women, the meetup itself is by no means limited to female participants.
We look forward to helping lay the foundation for a better society by bringing together participants from an array of fields and providing opportunities to plant the seeds for new industries in a manner that befits JHVS.


Founder and CEO, Wiz. Group, Inc.

Hiromi Okuda


General Partner, Fresco Capital

Eriko Suzuki

Association President, International HealthTech

Chihiro Takenoshita

CEO, OWLS inc.

Rika Yokoyama